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What to Consider When Adding a Workplace Drug and Testing Policy

Every workplace desires to have an environment that is safe and serene for its employees. It is important that workplaces are free from injuries if they should attract the right talent. The modern approach that makes workplace safe for everyone is the drug and testing policy. It is however not late to start a workplace drug and testing policy. There are a few considerations you want to make when including this policy in your work environment and they are highlighted as below.

A drug and testing workplace policy should be short and concise. If you have a policy that is too long, it may not be read and a short one will not capture the essential details. A copy of the policy should be given to the various employees to read and understand for themselves.

Most employees would prefer to understand why the policy is being effected. The integrated approach of explaining the policy as well as hard copy should be used. A list of the drugs and their effects should be given to employees as well.

Consider including the following details in the drug and testing workplace policy. It is important to mention when the policy will be effected and the consequent steps taken as well as what will be done for employees with both positive and negative effects. How the drug test will be done in future should be explained.

Current employees can be hesitant to the various changes in policy as a result of the drug and testing policy. If you would want for the changes not to be resisted, gradually introduce the policy.

The policy will change overall working of the company and the changes should be explained and how it will affect new employee . Current employees should be informed if they will be tested and how it will be done. Details of whether subsequent searches should be random or for new employees should also be intimated.

Consider informing employees what drugs are harmful, their specific names and their street names and the effect they have. Detailed drug abuse description and awareness should include what the signs and symptoms of using specific drugs look like.

Consider explaining in details how the workplace will conduct drug test amongst its employees. Consider conducting drug test in the workplace by outsourcing a clinic or buying your own equipment. Whatever you decide on is not important but informing the employees is. To check available products and to get started on creating a policy click here.