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Steps to Designing a New Logo for an Orthodontist

For any business to set itself apart, it should develop a unique brand. One of the most central parts of any brand is the logo. Customers need something they will see and immediately associate it with a certain company. Given the high number of orthodontist companies, each and every one needs to make an extra effort in its branding and marketing. This article explains how a logo designer can make the best logo for an orthodontist establishment.

One of the small but important things you need to get right is the font. Avoid using the fonts used in official documents. A very formal font may actually be unwelcoming to a potential client. You should choose a font that communicates the values of the company, while being warm and welcoming. On the other hand, you should also avoid using the very playful fonts. Such informal fonts may communicate a lack of professionalism on the company’s part. With some research and consultation, you will be able to settle on a font that is suitable for all parties.

After choosing the right font, ensure you choose the right color. Incorporate the company colors on the logo so that every aspect of the brand is in harmony. For new companies, choose a color that will work well both on the logo and on the premises and uniforms. Make use of published research to find out which colors are best for an orthodontist establishment.

For a logo to be complete, it needs to have a catchy image on it. As much as using a tooth is very tempting, it is too clich?. There many other images that can communicate the right message without incorporating any version of a tooth. Before you choose an image, spend time looking at other unique logos so as to get some fresh ideas.

Once you have all the components, it is time to make a complete logo. Just like for any other company, a logo for orthodontic associates should be very clear and easy to understand. Since people do not spend too much time scrutinizing logos, they should communicate as much as possible in the shortest time. The image should be catchy and the words readable. Too much information on a logo can actually be confusing, so only put the most vital information.

The last thing you need to consider is the suitability of the logo on other company properties. Once developed, the logo will appear on the staff uniform, on billboards, as a letterhead, on business cards and on the website. Design a logo that can be used across all platforms. Avoid having very fine details on the logo that might be lost on small versions of it.